About Us



Picture an agency where the best minds in the industry are working to support the advancement of causes that are changing the world. This is Project Mockingbird.


We work exclusively with social impact organizations and women-owned businesses.

Through communications strategy and execution, we revolutionize how people think, act and advocate for your brand. Founded in June 2018, we’ve formed a full-service agency of the best minds and industry leaders, bringing our clients the results needed to fulfill their mission and objectives.

Not simply a “PR firm,” we serve as your agency for all things COMMUNICATIONS.

A few of our areas of expertise include:

  • Public relations and external communications

  • Internal communications strategy and change management

  • Corporate communications, thought leadership and positioning

  • Executive messaging and media training

  • Social media strategy, content and community management

  • General communications support including speaking points, research, briefings and enterprise-wide communications